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Croquet New Zealand
The official NZ croquet association

The UK Croquet Association. Has the sole agency for our croquet mallets in UK.

The National Croquet Center Florida. Apparently the worlds largest croquet retail outlet. Stockist of Wood Mallets 

Scottish Croquet Association

United States Croquet Association

World Croquet Association 

The Oxford Croquet web site

The Maui Croquet Club

Croquet Australia 


Capitano Saddlery
Equestrian stockists in Singapore

Roxtons Sporting
Polo suppliers in UK
International polo site that provides information about the sport. Includes a forum, bulletin boards, directories, events etc.
Worldwide Polo Information including Personal Services Polo Category Index

Polo Down Under
The Mark Harris Polo School

NZ and world news, discussion, classifieds and hosting

Blue Springs Polo School & Equestrian Sports Facility
Mark Donald at Blue Springs Polo School offers polo tuition in The South Island.  A Quechua Polo Franchise Association providing books, textiles, academy concepts, tournament sponsors and resorts.

Wanstead Polo Club Our local club is the second largest polo club in NZ.

New Zealand Polo Association 

Jeremy Nicholls. UK Polo mallet repairs  Our authorised agent and repairer.  Undertakes all UK warranty work for Wood Mallets 

The Coddington Brothers polo pony sales