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Polo Accessories & Equipment

Mallet Bags

Each $60(NZD)


Made from tough polyester, these are an extremely economical bag in a practical one ended design able to carry 12 mallets with ease, 15 at a squeeze. Unlike double ended designs, the slings are much less likely to become entangled with the heads. Available in blue only. 


Foot Mallets

Each $65(NZD)

Custom made from 26” to 33” in length with cane shafts and solid Argentine Tipa heads. The most popular size is about 31”. Up to 4 initials may be stamped on the mallets head at no extra charge.

We also specialize in making bicycle polo mallets and segway mallets. Any queries just email me.

Mini Mallets

Each $50(NZD)

Custom made from 18” through to 25” these are a hit with young children and make great gifts, especially christenings. The heads and handles are scaled down depending on the length. May also be initialled at no extra cost.

Umpires pick-up sticks

Sticks $100(NZD)

Ends $50(NZD)

As head umpire of New Zealand for several years I've tested several patterns of ball pick ups and am confident that this is the world’s best by far. Made from durable high density polyethylene, the ends are designed to pick up old or new polo balls with ease. They can then remain in the cup until required and don't rattle or fall out.

The ends are also sold separately if required.

Repair sleeves for composite mallets

Each $6.00(NZD)

These are specially made 4” tubes from woven glass fiber and are pre-threaded in two sizes with 10.5 mm and 12 mm internal threads respectively. They come with detailed instructions on how to repair broken composite shafts. It's best to specify the diameter of the shafts (in mm) you want to repair when ordering so that we send you the right size.

Splicing Canes

Each $10.00(NZD)


We supply thousands of splice canes annually to mallet repairers worldwide. Each cane has a diameter of between 14.5 mm and 16.5 mm. They've each been hand picked by George Wood from the root ends of manau cane and are selected for density, strength and diameter. The average length is 90 cm so most canes will repair about three mallets.  They've been heated and straightened, ready to use. 

Grip material

Per metre $7.00(NZD)


This is the most popular type of grip used around the world. Each strip is individually cut on the diagonal from a cloth backed roll to allow the correct amount of stretch and length required.