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People playing a game of croquet

Anyone whoís experienced the intricacies of croquet agrees - itís a serious game that demands precise equipment.

At Wood Mallets we manufacture a range of croquet sets that will enhance the enjoyment of this vindictive and highly competitive game. Our sets are made from the best possible materials sourced from around the world and become family heirlooms treasured by generations to come.

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Many of our customers have been frustrated by purchasing inferior toy sets. While our collection of croquet sets may not be the cheapest, they are of the highest quality and value available worldwide as hundreds of our customers testify. We can usually deliver anywhere in the world in less than a week and we pass on a 70% discount from DHL couriers. 

Please email me with any questions, feedback or suggestions about our croquet equipment, or any of our other products. I hope you enjoy our site.

George Wood
Wood Mallets Ltd.