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About Wood Mallets Ltd


The workshops are at our rural property "The Park" situated five kilometers east of Otane in Central Hawkes Bay which is on the east coast of the North Island, New Zealand. 

We were the overall winners of the Hawkes Bay Business of the year awards in 2001 and were awarded the the Hawkes Bay Chamber of Commerce Exporter of the year award in 2010.



Having spent several years as semi-professional polo player on the international circuit, I'm well aware of the demands of discerning polo players. I've spent more time and effort than anyone else on Earth developing the composite polo mallet.  We're also world leaders in the development of the croquet mallet. 

We source the best possible materials from around the world and craft them into high performance sports goods. We take as much pride in our craftsmanship and product quality as we do in our customer service and overall business excellence. Approximately 87% of our turnover is exported to over 50 different countries. Many of our customers go to the trouble of letting us know how happy they are with our products. Some of these comments may be read at user comments polo or croquet.

Fidel Russ

Fidel Russ emigrated from Argentina to New Zealand in 1990 and is the production manager. He's a true craftsman who is proud of his workmanship. His motto is that, “If it's not perfect, it's not good enough". Fidel’s nephew Federico Iñón also works for the business and is our lathe operator.

My Family

Our family home "The Park", is one of Hawkes Bay's historic homesteads, built in 1881. Many croquet battles are played out on the front lawn.  


From left: Olly, Me, Monty and Harry.  Front Emily: and Debs