Repair cane polo mallets

Fitting new traditional grips and slings


Step 1: Remove the old grip, and sling if necessary, prise out any old tacks with a penknife or screwdriver. Strips of cloth tape can be laid in appropriate areas to build up the handle or it may be filed down to the desired size and shape if required.


Step 2: Affix new sling. Use two large tacks (or 14 mm staples if you have a suitable staple gun) on each side through the central line of the Knob leaving approximately 1” on the handle.

Note: Sling length for an average hand is 21” long allowing 1” on either side under the grip. The length may be adjusted to suit.

Step 3: Cut the grip at an angle as above. This needs to be tacked over the top of the sling with a small gimp pin or tack.


Step 4: Wrap on the grip. For the first complete turn, keep the top of the grip level with the top of the handle. When the first turn overlaps the gimp pin, stretch reasonably tight and follow the line of the shaped section of the grip down the handle overlapping just under half the grip width. Continue stretching tight with each turn and try to keep a uniform diagonal line until the bottom of the handle.


Step 5: When the handle is fully covered, bind down around the shaft while keeping the grip tight. Using a good plastic tape (We recommend 3M 12 mm #471), wrap tightly over the grip material at least two turns at the point where the handle ends and shaft begins. If this is firm, the grip material below the tape may be trimmed off using a knife and a second wrap of tape can be applied starting on the shaft and binding up over the first wrap of tape. Finish off at the back of the handle. Please note that some mallet makers use tacks to hold the grip in place at the bottom of the handle. This often splits the canes and can be avoided by using a good quality tape.