Polo Mallet feedback

Polo Mallet Feedback

Excellence in craftsmanship

The following comments and reviews are from recent polo mallet purchasers of Wood Mallets in chronological order. In accordance with our privacy policy customers e-mail addresses are not supplied but the contents of their messages are guaranteed genuine.

If you have comments about your mallets please email them to George.

Hello George
I received the mallets yesterday. I am very happy with the sticks. Very well balanced with the perfect flex. Excellent products. Thank you again!

Kaiser Tirmizi, Pakistan

George, best mallets everrrrr!!!! Very impressed.

Simone Chiarella, Italy

Hi George,Those mallets arrived on Monday. I’m very happy with them. The canes are of exceptional quality, and I think you’ve done a great job of replicating the overall feel of the sample mallets in the mallets you made. I won’t hesitate to contact Wood Mallets in the future should I need some more.
With Thanks

Paddy Webber, Australia

Hello George,Thank you very very much for prompt shipping. I have used a few different mallets so far. I come to realize your mallets and services are the best in the world.
Happy chukkers!

Steve Lim, CA USA

Dear George,
I should let you know that I just played one of your fibercane mallets in its one thousandth chukker. This particular mallet was used almost exclusively for arena polo so that’s probably equivalent to 3000 chukkers of grass in terms of abuse — at least the way we play it!If you had a Wood Mallet Museum, you would want this mallet in it. It has been through the wars and you can tell. The shaft is scarred from top to bottom. The blue bit on the grip is worn down to the black plastic in the shape of my hand and the head is so worn down that it is probably a 160 by now. But it is still going strong and is one of my favorite arena mallets. The only thing I have ever had to fix is the safety strapping.You say your mallets are not indestructible. I beg to differ. I have managed to break two medium whippy fibercanes on the grass with very hard hooks but the mallet described above is medium stiff and I do not think I could break it hooking. I am convinced that my arm would go first. I can only imagine how tough the stiff mallets must be! Regards,

Chris Truax, CA USA

Thanks….love your mallets, I can’t go back to old fashion cane : ) Steven Flowers USA
Since starting to use the Fibercanes 2 years ago I’ve been told by various ‘authorities’ that they will never catch on/ give you tennis elbow/ very unforgiving if you don’t hit in the centre of the head etc. I can counter that all my heads have worn about 1cm to the outside the cane and i am hitting cleaner than i ever did with canes! also last season I played all year with 1x 52 and 1x 53 and broke neither!

Sam Tylor, UK

Dear George,
Thank you very much sir, these mallets are just spectacular in the arena I have been using them only in the arena for about a year now and am more than satisfied I am able to hit the ball further and with more control than ever before!Thanks,

Jack Rupp, Culver USA

Hi George, apologies for not writing sooner. I just want to thank you for the polo mallet you supplied! It’s fantastic. I couldn’t have picked a better mallet! My girlfriend absolutely loves it.
You are clearly at the top of your craft! Thanks again!

Lee Bestwick, Cheshire, UK

Hey George, Wow these mallets are amazing. Very consistent throughout the entire order and exactly to my specifications in each case. Many thanks for a great effort.
Best regards

Kevin Brown, Toronto, Canada

Hi George,
I have some great news, today I tried the mallet and I was BLOWN AWAY! My god I mean it was such a big difference!
Today it was just on a wooden horse since we still have tons of snow here but soon I hope to try it on a live one!
All the best and thanks for the mallets!!!


My mallet arrived last week, just in time for my wife to “surprise me” for my birthday, which I celebrated by hitting your mallet atop a wooden horse without stirrups, given a cast encases my left calf at the moment.
In spite of these limitations, the mallet swings beautifully. I immediately noticed the grip. It’s fantastic. Just the right stickiness, surprising for a molded handle. The size turned out right, thank you. The balance and swing weight were about what I expected. But the big surprise — I actually just re-read this on your web site — turned out to be the the larger sweet spot, a phenomena I couldn’t really test, predict, or experience, until I had your mallet, in spite of my prior prototypes and experiments with shaft length, head weight, and shaft material. Naturally, slowing down the swing, letting the mallet do the work, etc. all held true. And it was nice to more easily loft a ball from my nearside forehand by relaxing and letting the mallet do the work, which it does well (at least from a wooden horse:). But it amazed me to hit a slightly off-kilter shot which still soared true.

Mark Urdahl, USA

George, The grips are fabulous. No pain! I am an orthopedic surgeon specializing in sports medicine so use this as an endorsement if you want.

Steven M. Stoller M.D. USA

got the shipment george, amazing fibercane mallets. played really well in them. wished i ordered more….hehe

Dino Gutierrez, Philippines

Hi George,
I just wanted to let you know that I received my two mallets today and they look great. I really appreciate your wonderful customer service and plan on remaining a customer with Wood Mallets for the foreseeable future! Thanks,

Malav Chakravorty President & Men’s Captain Stanford Polo Club

Hi  George,

Thanks for the quick service…. as usual. By the way, still in love with these mallets. Starting to get the feeling that I won’t be able to play with normal cane mallets after another couple of months. Just love the consistency with these mallets. Pick up any size and it just feels the same. Has helped with the consistency of my hitting.

Rachel Turner, Jamaica


I can not thank you enough for the exceptional service you provided, in producing a light weight mallet for my daughter Sofia. She has used it several times now & it has boosted her confidence as she does not get arm fatigue as quickly as before. The level of service you provided, was unexpected & of a level we in the UK have not seen for many years. I can not recommend you highly enough to anyone. Thank you.
Many Thanks Again.

Alan Cupper, UK

Hi George,

The mallets arrived in Jamaica on time, but the customs officers in Jamaica took forever to clear the items. Typical Jamaican inefficiency! The fibercane mallets looked great when I removed them from their packaging. My friend is very happy with her new mallet head; she said one word ‘Sexy’. I took them to a stick and ball earlier this week and instantly felt the difference between the fibercane mallets and typical cane mallets. The accuracy with these mallets is so much greater! Took me a little while to correct my swing, so I wasn’t overcompensating when trying to obtain angle on a shot. I simply felt like I had a lot more control, so I decided to try them out in chukkas yesterday.
I have always I had problems deciding on which mallets to use when playing. As a female player, I have been trying to increase the range on my shots by using heavier mallets. However, that reduces the speed at which I can move my mallet around and therefore I am slower in tight situations. I think these fibercane mallets have eliminated all of those problems for me. I was able to move my mallet so much faster to tap the ball, so much so I got there a little too earlier a couple times! Then onto the hitting. I can usually hit the ball at least 80 yards when I open up my shoulder. Sometimes it will go 100 yards if everything comes together perfectly; the lie of the ball, stride of the horse, my timing and technique. I decided near the end of chukkas to hit in the ball from the back line and open up my shoulder with these mallets for the first time. Both times it went 100+ yards and right where I wanted it to go! In fact a 3 goal friend of mine turned round to me after hitting those shots and asked ‘When did you learn to hit like that!?’.
I am so happy! These are great mallets and I think everyone should be using them.

Rachel, Jamaica

Dear George,

My name is Brandon MacRae, from South Africa, and I love your mallets. They are consistent, reliable, and give great power!
My good friend Max Kelsey has just bought a few on my recommendation for himself and his kids. Max is hooked, he will not go back to cane.
I am crazy about your mallets, and I am going to order some new ones very soon.

Brandon MacRae

Hi George
We received the mallets at the end of last week, just in time to try them out on Saturday.
Everyone is thrilled with them, great mallets. Wonderful feel to them. Thanks for the prompt dispatch
From all of us polo players in Addis (well those who bought them!)


Hi George,
The Mallets I ordered came in safe and sound thanks for the prompt delivery I really am enjoying the use of the fibercane Mallet. Just wanted you to know that your help in picking the right weight was really appreciated and the mallets are just perfect, cheers!

Akin Sotomi

Muchas gracias por tu honestidad comercial. Mi deseo es probar los fibercane, ya que creo son una innovación tecnológica. A la larga como en los demás deportes, se impondrá la fibra sintetica en los tacos. Yo hace años uso los Argosy, unos Vectra de grafito, y unos negros de New Zealand, que con cigarro de 230 gramos me andan bien, ya que juego de back y necesito pegarle fuerte a la bocha. Pruebo tus tacos, si andan bien te pido más y los recomiendo a mis amigos en Argentina. Muchos saludos.

Pablo Colombres, Argentina

Here I am still playing with your mallets, it has been a good season, from five tournaments that we entered, we won two and get to the finals on another two. Many players ask for the mallets that I’m using, I have lend your test mallet to several, but I think that they are still afraid of making the change. The typical question is which of the Argentinian professional are using them, that’s the issue, but I think that in the near future, you will have some new requests from Chilean players, because the cost of repairing traditional mallets is important, and for some could make the difference.
Jorge Lyon (Lima, Peru)So far it has been a pleasure dealing with you George. Once I get feedback on the mallet I will let you know whether I will be recomending you to my other polo playing friends. The service is superb, friendly and prompt, the quality….. we’ll see. But all in all a fun experience. Take care George. I’ll be in touch.

Ross Johnson, USA


Back in Kenya with all the sticks and just to let you know the hybrid I find to be fantastic so much so that I don’t want anyone to know!! I have no doubt the news will get out!!

Anthony Gross, Kenya

Dear George,
just to say thank you very much for my mallets – I received them last week in perfect condition and tried out the arena mallet last weekend and the outdoor mallet yesterday when I was able to play outside for the first time this year thanks to a mini heatwave we’re having in England at the moment!
They’re both brilliant – and the weights are perfect so thanks very much for all your advice on that front too.
Thanks again!

Becca Drake, UK

Hi George-I should have written to tell you this earlier. I really like the heads you put on my last order of arena mallets. I assume that was the poplar(?) you mentioned in a previous email exchange. The head is a little chewed up but nothing like the big balsa heads.
It took me a while to get used to the much lighter mallets, but once I did, I like them a lot. Just thought you would like some feedback.
Wishing you and your family a safe and happy New Year …
Warmest regards,

Kim Snider, USA

We are currently using some of your fibercane sticks that we bought from you earlier in the year, and they are very good.. We bought some 52’s and 53’s between 210-215 grams…. I was wondering for the outdoor season, i may buy some more, slighty heavier headed ones, (you used to make them for me with a 220-225 head on).. I have been using cane sticks for a while outside, except they are not as well made as i would like, and so, we will be changing supplier.. My brother currently buys his sticks from zappala in argentina… However Dad and I regard you as the best stick maker in the world, only that I deemed it a little inconvieniant to get sticks from abroad… But seeing how easy it was to get the fibre cane sent over, I was wondering if you still make cane sticks?, and how much they are?.

Callum Anderson, UK

Hi George
I’ve just wanted to thank you for the mallet-good work! finaly it arrived today(was so long because of the customs). I’ve already tried it and was positively surprised: The ball goes at a long distance with a minimum effort Thank you again! P.S. my argentine coach likes the mallet as well.

Tatiana, Italy

Just a note to let you know that the California Gold Rush were the overall winners in Indianapolis, Indiana for the Segway Polo International Championship last Saturday. We took the ‘Woz Challenge Cup’ away from the Silicon Valley Aftershocks and the German team, the Funky-Move Turtles came in third. The team from New Zealand had to cancel last month.
I attribute part of our being the winner to using mallets you made for us. Five of the Seven on our team were using woodmallets.com mallets.
Thank you for all that you do for this sport.

Steven Long, California Gold Rush, Segway Polo Champions

Thank you for the great mallets… I love them. They are the best mallets I have ever bought. Better than the mallets I bought in Argentina or Florida. You do good work. I will be ordering more from you in the seasons to come. I have also bought a couple of your mallets from a store here in Maui, Horses R Us. Hopeall is well and keep up the good work, Aloha!

Aimi @ Ulupalakua Ranch Inc, Hawaii

George … many thanks. I’ll have to tell you, the ease of replacing the heads on the graphlite (haven’t tried the replacing the Fibercane yet…) makes it a joy ordering your mallets. I’ve played with the mallets in an outdoor arena and there are always rocks that invariably find my mallet head. It’s also a great testimony to the durability of your shafts.

Steve Smith, RI, USA

I just received the mallets today. They are perfect! Thank you again for everything, especially your promptness and patience. And of course we greatly appreciate the discount and the complimentary mallet bag.
I look forward to doing business with you again in a few months!

Matt Baer Manager, Yale Polo, USA

George, I received the foot mallet and the graflite mallet via UPS on monday 5th march. Thank you for the very good quality of your service : your help to choose the mallet that is the best for me and my playing-level, your website, the customization of the mallets, your efficiency from the order to the home delivery. I played twice with my new graflite mallet. It is a very comfortable mallet : light and flexible. The swing is more efficient and accurate and naturally more powerfull. It is much easier to begin polo with a very good mallet ! I am really pleased of the George Wood mallets and I tell it all around me.

Isabelle, Sicsik-Paré, France

George Wood’s new Fibercane Mallet’s are unbelievable.. They last longer, dont spring, more consistent and you can order as many as you want and they’ll all be identical.

Terence Spilsbury, S Africa – Left on Polo Contacts Worldwide Polo Forum, 04/2008

Thanks for your service. I will await the package and yes I look forward to using them because to be honest with you your mallets are of very good quality and always look for them in my mallet bag.

Karl Galea, Malta, GC

Thank you very much for your prompt service and delivery. The mallets arrived safely and are performing at or above expectations. I purchased them for my son. He is very pleased. Please keep up the great work.

Daniel Dunmire, USA

You are right, these sticks are definately the best yet, very good, grips are also fantastic, the only thing that I could say may improve them further is to try some softer heads like the ones put on the Argie canes. This would just make the feel a little better especially when new. Having said that they may loose some durability. Please make sure you don’t run out of these canes though!!

Sam Gairdner, UK

I got the mallets. They rock! The Fibercane feels ggggrreeaaat! I can not wait to try it. Thanks for the nice bag too! It looks very handy, and all 7 mallets were so light, I was so surprised when I pick it up. I will be ordering outdoor mallets for my wife and myself soon, for sure. Thanks again for the excellent mallets and fast delivery. I look forward to my next order.

Peter Lusk, Jr. NY

Hi, I obtained one of your fiber mallets from a friend. I have now been playing it for over a month and love it. I have tried grafites but don’t like the feel or vibration. The fiber mallet, over the Nano’s mallets, is giving me a 20 to 30 yard consistently longer hit with the smooth feel of cane. I could probably go on and on.

Robb Rice, Scuppernong Polo Club, Chuckar Farm Alpharetta, Georgia

I’ve received my two gold band mallets three days ago and I can tell you that they’re great. Well done for the canes they’re really fabulous, I’m very impressed with the quality of the workmanship. Thank you for making such nice sticks.

JB Meunier, New-Caledonia

Sticks arrived on Friday I played with the fibrecane over the weekend and was pleased with it. I need to use it a little more and perhaps next time I would go for a heavier head. The cane is so much better that other composite sticks I have used before, virtually no vibration up my arm.

Robert Brockett, UK

Hi George, I played most of the Royal Pahang National League Tournament (2008) with only my Fibercane mallet, and I really, really enjoyed it. Loved it, actuallly. Thanks for developing a wonderful mallet.

Peter Abisheganaden, Malaysia

I just bought a new fibre cane stick from you at edgeworth polo club last wednesday evening and love it! the balance is fantastic and the power is amazing. I hit 3/4 of a field in one shot! well done for developing such a great shaft.

Stewart Lucy, UK

I find that it is rare that claims by a manufacturer are true, but from the first moment I used my new fibercane mallet (52″ 190 grm head) it felt fantastic and my shots are longer, straighter and my overall striking has improved considerably (well for a -2 player!). This in turn has lead to many requests for other players asking to try it out before they decide to buy.

Graham Ellis-Dawe, UK

I have consistently used your mallets for more than 3 years now (both indoor and outdoor), and have nothing but praise for them. Especially your “Graflite” model. They seem to be made for women! I have tried since then to switch back to cane mallets and 2 minutes into any chukker I always run back to grab one of my George Wood mallets. Bravo for a mallet well done!

Chumly (polonews.com)

The mallets arrived this morning by an efficient courier. They are the first synthetic mallets that have a really nice “feel” to them. I’ll let you know how they play. I’m very impressed with the quality of the workmanship, the website and the customer service. If I get any comments on the mallets, I’ll refer customers your way. Thanks again for making the custom mallets so efficiently.

Peter Griffin, CA, USA

I apologize for not writing sooner, but I wanted to let you know that my new mallet arrived in a very timely fashion; it took about 6 days from New Zealand to Connecticut. I was thrilled by both the look and the feel of the mallet. More importantly, I won the first two games that I played using the new mallet! Thanks again, the service and quality of the mallet are outstanding.

Charles Greer, New Haven, CT

Received the polo mallets today. They look great. Thank you for such prompt and professional service. It is a refreshing departure from most modern businesses today. Keep up the good work and I look forward to doing business with you again in the future.

Tim Harvey, Portsmouth, RI, USA Thanks George!!!

Your mallets are working out great at our club.

Scott Lean, Fresno, CA, USA

THANK YOU so much for the receipt of our recent order. My daughter, Julie, is absolutely delighted with her three new mallets! She has used them nearly every day since their arrival and also for the Interscholastic Tournament in Texas last month. I wanted you to know that we received the shipment in less than four days from the time of our order.

Paula Nicholson, Maryland, USA

I wanted to inform you that I received the mallets today. Thank you very much for your excellent service and prompt attention to my request. At my recommendation, the manager of our polo club,

Leo Consenza (California Polo Club) will be emailing you soon to place an order for the club.


I love the mallets! They are great. I’ll definitely order some more before spring (spring on this side of the world).
For you information, I received them on Friday, Nov. 10, so shipping took around five days — quite fast. I wouldn’t have received them any faster if they had been sent from the US.
This fall, I’ve been teaching arena polo to a group of pony clubbers (great kids). Some of them might contact you over the next few weeks to order mallets. In case they forget to specify arena mallets, please check with them before fulfilling their orders.

Ahmad Pirasteh, VA, USA

The new mallets you sent me last time felt great and the ball went really well off them. They felt much more balanced than before but I’m gradually wearing them out and need some more.

Charles Seavill, Midhurst, UK

I have enjoyed the use of several of your graflite mallets for the past several years. I have also encouraged many of my friends to purchase the same mallets. I particularly like the graflite mallet in the arena. I play arena polo twice during the week and usually play on the grass on the weekends. Like some others I have found that I prefer the cane mallet on the grass to the graflite. Unlike for many others I do realize that at least some of this preference in emotional. I have worked with wood all of my life and enjoy the feel of the natural cane. As I repair both kinds of mallets I have come to appreciate the materials and craftsmanship in either. I have not had the pleasure of owning one of your cane mallets until last weekend when the gold band I ordered from you arrived. Prior to this the best cane mallet I had owned was a “top line” or “privet barrel” model from La Martina, at a considerably higher cost than yours.
Your “gold band” cane mallet is easily the finest cane mallet made. It is a joy to swing and a privilege to own. All of the materials used in it’s construction are obviously chosen very carefully, and assembled with great care and craftsmanship. It truly must feel wonderful to be the very best at what you do, my hat is off to you Mr. Wood, Bravo!
I was so proud of your mallet that I showed it off to many of the other players at Will Rogers Polo Club where I play in the summer. One of them asked me to get him 2 mallets as well.

Scott Harris, CA, USA

The “arena” Mallets arrived on Monday and I got to use the 54″ in a game tonite (Wednesday) where it made my swing more effective and brought us luck (we won the game against very tough opposition)! After the game I tried out the 55″ in a couple of club practice chukkars. The only word I can use to describe the 55″ is — AWESOME!!! I can reach much further out on both sides, it gives my back shot acceleration and lift with the arena ball and I swear it tripled the power and distance of my off-side fore.
Anyway, you have one very satisfied and happy customer! You have become my exclusive mallet supplier and I plan to order more. Thanks again!

Phillip Karber, VA, USA

Download One happy customer here!
I passed the graflite round to a few friends. it’s funny how we all had very different comments about it.
One guy (+2) who has a huge hit said he didn’t like the feel when he was tapping around. Another guy (+1) said he felt like he was always late with his swing with it, but he had a very good chukker and tapped well with it under pressure. I scored two very diffent goals, one that went from the hit-in all the way up with big hits etc. so I have no complaints whatsoever. I CAN play with this graflite mallet, whereas I never could with the old black shafted thing. you really have come a long way.
Thanks again george. i’m just so happy to be playing with mallets that I like again.

Pete Abishegenaden, Malaysia

Well done George. You’ve done it! The Fibercane’s are fantastic.

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