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Comments from recent croquet set buyers

The following comments and reviews are from recent croquet set purchasers of Wood Mallets in chronological order. In accordance with our privacy policy customers e-mail addresses are not supplied but the contents of their messages are guaranteed genuine.

One of several oak Signature sets made for Bentley, UK

Dear Mr. Wood and Associates :  Early this morning (July 16) the croquet set arrived.

It is said a picture is worth a thousand words.  However, even a thousand words cannot do justice to the excellence of your product.  Although I studied your website for months, my high exceptions were superseded by  reality this morning.

Many thanks for your good advice concerning which set would satisfy my needs.

The hoops are much more robust than I had imagined.  My mother gave me a croquet set when I was nine years old.  It was adequate but the hoops were thin wire that had to be straightened often. 

But, those were memorable summers with my friends in friendly competition. 

I was unable to find a good set in Nürnberg thirty years ago when we finally had a garden. 

Now my dream is fulfilled by this magnificent set !!! 

I hope my grandsons will enjoy this game as muh as I did in my youth !

Best wishes to you all !!!        Matthew DAVID

This past weekend I ordered a croquet set from you, and chose it based on quality and knowledge that it was not made in China. As a rare and recreational croquet player, the more extravagant sets were more than we needed. So, a “basic” garden set was chosen.

First off, I’m blown away that a product can arrive from New Zealand to rural Alaska in 4 business days. What an incredible world we live in!

Secondly, I’m impressed with the quality. Sure, it’s not museum piece quality, but we didn’t purchase that, nor did we expect that. Thank you for making a quality product that consumers can get excited about.

Thank you, and we wish you success and safety. Thankfully Alaska is still (mostly) healthy and thankfully much different  than America in almost all cultural aspects. I lived in the South Island many years ago, and fondly remember the culture and people of NZ. I hope to return again soon.

Thank you,

Andrew.  CANADA

Dear George, My Hurlingham Set arrived in perfect condition (well packed!) early as on last Friday. Honestly, the mallets are so nice and well crafted. For sure your mallets are something very special. I appreciate this very much. Thanks to you, your familiy and your team! I am convinced we will enjoy our time playing in the garden and cannot wait. When I was a child my parents used to have a set from the United States. I think it was a Donnay set. Me and my friends loved to play as students. Thanks to you also for your perfect communication. Best regards to New Zealand

Max Lehbruner Salzburg, Austria

George Just a quick thank you to let you know our wonderful garden set has arrived. It is a 34th wedding anniversary present to ourselves and we truly hope our great grandchildren will enjoy this set as we intend it to be a family heirloom! Thanks again for the wonderful craftsmanship you employ in creating your mallets, we can’t wait to unpack it and christen it on our lawn.

Regards Anne-Marie Corbett, QLD, Australia

Hi George, It arrived today, and exceeds my most optimistic expectations! An absolutely beautiful work of craftsmanship. The mallet handles are perfectly shaped, the varnishing and painting is first class, even the box is nicely finished. My younger son Peter (17), also a keen croquet player, unwrapped it with me and we tried it briefly on the carpet and we were both delighted to hear …. it even makes the right sound!! And to think this is your bottom-of-the-range set!!!So thank you very much. I am so glad I found you before going ahead with importing the Jaques set.

Best regards, Stephen Derrick-Jehu, Tauranga, New Zealand

Hi George, I just wanted to say thanks for the incredibly prompt delivery and outstanding product. I ordered the croquet set about midday and it was delivered in Auckland the following day – just as you said. The quality of the garden set is amazing, I’m very impressed with it and also the presentation, thank you so very much. Ha ha – I just ‘clicked’ that your surname is Wood – Wood Mallets – very good

Kind Regards Phillipa Robinson-Hayes, NZ

Hi George,Quick note to say thank you for the croquet sets. I played with my brothers over Christmas and thoroughly admired the craftsmanship, they were great to play with. I have recommended them to my friends and will no doubt be coming back to buy more sets for wedding gifts etc. Cheers

Ash Hames, Wellington NZ

Thank you very much – I am impressed at your service – very efficient and very organised. If you are ever up this way look us up for a game of croquet. Thanks

Andrew Dixon, Nikoi Island

Hi George, they have arrived, missed the delivery on Friday which would have meant 3 days to country Oz, but have them today, that is incredibly quick.We are absolutely delighted with the set, everything I expected and more. I love the woodwork on the mallets particularly, they really are a work of art in their own right. The craftsmanship from the box, the plate and everything are outstanding. I would also like to thank you for all your help and quick responses, it makes doing business very easy

Thanks again,Derek NSW

George-I wanted to let you know that my Hurlingham set made the 7,000 mile journey to my home in Victoria Texas successfully and in less than a week from placing the order. I have had the pleasure of using this product before and am thrilled to now have a set of my own. This purchase was the last piece in the construction of a regulation-size croquet pitch on my property that will provide years of fun for my family friends. Thanks again for your prompt service please feel free to use my positive feedback in the endorsement of

Regards, Steve Jones TX USA

Thank you George, when we got back from down south (rained out) the package was safely sitting in the mail box. I haven’t opened it as it is a gift, but I am sure it is in good condition. Many thanks for the very prompt service. I am sure we will derive a great deal of enjoyment from this set, as will our guests. We live on the banks of a beautiful little high country stream in mid Central Otago, many miles from anywhere or anyone and have quite a few guests who enjoy our magnificent life style and scenery.Best wishes,

Virginia Duncan NZ

George,” Our signature Croquet set arrived this morning, perfectly intact in it’s protective packaging. It is quite simply a magnificent piece of craftsmanship. We had no idea of the quality of the sets. The personalised mallets and brass plate on the box are well worth paying for. Thank you so much. We will be playing on the lawn by lunchtime !

Thanks George , very happy customer !Jason Murray

We received our beautiful croquet set today, wow! Better than we imagined it would be. Thank you for the beautiful work. Love it – thanks for talking us up to the Association Set.And, its all in time for the long weekend, so let’s hope for some good weather and a lawnmower that works!!

Jenn Ross, New Zealand

A quick note to say that our purchase arrived yesterday afternoon, in good time for Christmas Day. Thank you for your excellent service, I have been talking your company up to all who have expressed interest in our choice of family gift this year. I will be sure to contact you again should we need to expand our set!Merry Christmas to you, you colleagues and family.

Karl Maddaford, Christchurch, New Zealand

Hello, I just wanted to thank you for my new croquet set. I was nervous about buying the set sight unseen but my expectations have been exceeded. A bargain at the price and prompt delivery too. David W. Bates My wife took delivery of the set about 4:00pm CDT this afternoon while I was at work. I can’t believe you delivered on such short notice.I immediately took a mallet and ball out of the case and just began hitting them around getting the feel of it. I anticipate we will spend many hours playing and bringing our game to a whole new level.

Thanks for your excellent product and service. Richard

The set arrived promptly and safely, about 3 days! It is a wonderful set and did indeed surpass my expectations.

Thank you. Rick

They’re HERE!!! Oh my goodness….they are wonderful! You did an outstanding job on the crest, too! It looks so very “regal”!! Croquet now takes on a new dimension with this terrific equipment.I can’t begin to tell you how exciting it was to see those green boxes arrive and popping open the lids. It was just like Christmas!! Many, many thanks for doing all the extras: crest, trophy box, crest on the boxes. To say that the workmanship and set exceed my expectations is an understatement. I can’t wait to put them to use. It has been an absolute pleasure working with you, George. Thank you. I wish you the very best in the coming year. Happy Croquet to you, too!


I received my Croquet Set. I cannot describe my excitement when I opened the packaging and seen the wooden container. It was spectacular!!I would like to say that it is more beautiful than I ever could have predicted or imagined! (Inside & Out). I would like to congratulate you and your craftsmen on a job that truly exceeded my expectations. PS – Please pass on to your craftsmen that I REALLY appreciate the superior workmanship they have put forth in producing my Croquet Set!! Thanks Again!

Robert K. Craig, USA

I just wanted to tell you that your croquet-set arrived yesterday. I was really speechless when I opened the box. It’s simply great!!! You really did a fantastic job! I can’t wait to test it this weekend. Thanks again for everything Jörg Thank you for the Hurlingham Croquet set which arrived safely late yesterday afternoon. It is excellent value and the quality of your company’s business operation is very very impressive … from packaging to production, service and marketing … all are neat.The website is one of the best I have seen and your company’sremarkably fast response to simple enquiries is just great. A special thank you for including a copy of the American rules as it does help provide a broader perspective to the game. Wishing you all continuing success and thank you all for providing a quality croquet set that will be enjoyed by friends and neighbours.

David R. Merttens, Tangiteroria, New Zealand

Aloha, I received my 6 Player Croquet Association Set today, and I must declare the complete delight I experienced when opening the wooden box. The photo on your web site looks great, but the genuine article surpassed the image on the Internet. I love the personal touch with my surname in gold on the side of my mallets.This is an item my family and I will enjoy for the rest of my life. It’s sturdy construction and great looks make it a pleasure to use and the low price is unbelievable for a product of such high quality and excellent craftsmanship. If I ever need to purchase any accessories or extra Mallets, I will definitely order from Wood Mallets LTD. Thank you for your super quick delivery (my husband ordered this set for me on Friday and I received it on Wednesday). This croquet set is a top of the line product. You have a customer for life, and I will recommend you to all my friends. Lilia Roberts, Kailua, Hawaii, USA

The croquet set arrived today and to say my husband was thrilled (it was a birthday present) is an understatement! He appreciates fine wood working and was quite enthusiastic about the high quality.Thanks very much. I’m delighted to have found you!

Diana Scott, New York

I just wanted to let you know that I received my croquet set over the weekend and took them out for a knock around yesterday evening with my Kiwi buddy and we had a blast! They are trully lovely mallets and play exceptionally.

Laurent de Janvry, Berkeley, CA, USA

The croquet sets arrived in good order and they are absolutely beautiful. Please thank your team for producing such finely crafted sets.Elaine (Kirkland, WA, USA) Just received your beautiful croquet set, absolutely delighted with the quality and speed of delivery, happy to recommend you in future and look forward to some fun croquet.

Stuart Tizzard, UK

Just a note to thank you for the unbelievably quick delivery of the lovely croquet set. I am very impressed with both the quality of the set and the ease and speed of ordering and delivery.

Many thanks.Woolston, Bernardston, Ma, USA

George….UPS delivered at 6:00 Friday evening, exactly as you projected… The set that you made is even better than I expected…every component is professionally constructed, the mallets are not only a joy to hold but very beautiful to look at……. I will tell all of my friends that the only place in the world to purchase the finest quality croquet set with honorable and efficient service is from the great country of New Zealand and from the fine business of George Wood…

Thankyou very much.Steve Larson, Arizona USA

Just a quick message to let you know that it’s a pleasure doing business with you chaps, as nothing seems to be too much trouble. As I said to you on the phone the other day, all I have to do is pick up the phone, place the order, and a week or so later all the gear is here. You organise everything: the freight, delivery, courier etc., etc. All time consuming stuff. Door-to-door service !! Makes my job very easy, and for that I thank you.Thanks also for getting back to me with the $conversion, now if our head-office is half as efficient as you guys, then you should your money in no time. Courtesy, professionalism, and efficiency. Very important ingredients for a successful business. And you have all 3 !! Thanks again, Gentlemen, rest assured your efforts do not go un-noticed !! Keep up the excellent work !

Kris Mick Simmons, Sydney

I wanted to take a moment and tell you how pleased my wife and I are with our croquet set. This was a special present for our 17th wedding anniversary. From ordering through receiving the set your organization was terrific.. We played yesterday and although we don’t have an official court yet it was alot of fun….. I have to say the quality of the product and your organization are really top drawer. I would recommend your product and service to anyone.

Randy Steyer, San Mateo, CA

Just a note to say we received the croquet set on Saturday. We’re really pleased with it and have been very impressed with your service, shame more co’s aren’t like you!

Deborah Good, Singapore