Polo Mallet Heads

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Showing all 3 results

The Widest Range of Polo Mallet Heads

No where else in the world is there such a wide range of polo mallet heads. We have them in virtually any weight or pattern. Traditional Argentine tipa heads, Mango wood and large diameter arena heads are all available in cigar or Skene patterns.  Timber selection is critical. Great care is taken to ensure that the grain is flawless to provide maximum performance.

The Success of Mango Wood Heads

Our Mango wood heads have been a huge success. They’re incredibly well priced, have fantastic drive and are ideal sizes and weights. The Arena mallet heads are laminated with Paulownia in the centre and Poplar on the hitting surfaces. This creates an extra large but lightweight head designed specifically for hitting the larger, inflatable arena balls. Available in two sizes – either cigar or Skene patterns. Detailed fitting instructions can be found on our website.

Head weights vary from 170 grams up to about 220 grams but the average head weight is about 195 grams.