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Most orders are shipped  same or next day. Custom mallets may take 2-5 days.  Exports by UPS/DHL/FedEx couriers are averaging a week door to door.   
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Croquet Mallets & Accessories

The largest manufacturers of competition croquet mallets in the world. We manufacture mallets to the highest possible standards, using the best materials.  Whether for the International champion, or back yard player, they look great, perform well and are extremely competitively priced.  We also stock a full range of accessories to meet all of your playing needs.

Croquet Sets by Wood Mallets

A complete range of croquet sets handcrafted to exacting standards that will be family heirlooms treasured by generations to come. Many of our customers have experienced the dissatisfaction of previously buying inferior quality sets.  All the components of our sets are made to regulation size and weight to maximize the enjoyment of this wonderful game.

Polo Mallets & Accessories

We source the only the highest quality materials for production of our polo mallets. Each and every one is personally checked by George Wood with 43 years experience as a mallet maker. As a player having played on every continent and attaining a handicap of 4 goals, George is well aware of the demands of the most discriminating players.  Our mallets are often hailed as the worlds finest. 

The team at Wood Mallets
The team at Wood Mallets


Home to craftsmanship, quality and innovation.

Established in 1982, Wood Mallets Ltd is the largest manufacturer of  club level croquet mallets in the world.  We're also the world’s leading manufacturer of composite polo mallets.

We source the best possible materials & craft them into high performance sports goods. Usually our products are custom made & can be delivered worldwide within a week at highly competitive prices.