Croquet Mallets and Accessories

At Wood Mallets we manufacture croquet equipment to the highest possible standards.

We hand craft individual mallets and stock a range of croquet accessories. Whether for the International croquet champion, or back yard player, our equipment is made to look great and perform well.

The hardwoods we use are sourced from reputable NZ timber merchants who acknowledge the importance of conserving the worlds greatest renewable resource. This carries either FSC or PEFC certification.

The Croquet Association in UK, stock our mallets as their leading brand. For all orders in UK please contact Mandy or McKenzie on :01242 233555

Choosing the right mallet

To help you decide what the best specifications are for your mallet, simply view croquet mallet options.


Please email me with any questions, feedback or suggestions. I hope you enjoy our site.


George Wood

Wood Mallets Ltd.