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Polo Mallets

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At Wood Mallets our small team of craftsmen take great pride in our workmanship and in sourcing only the finest materials from around the World for the manufacture of superb quality polo mallets.

Having played polo since the age of 12 and attaining a handicap of 4 goals, with 38 seasons experience, I've played on every continent and represented three different countries.  After 30 years as a mallet maker I'm well aware of the requirements and trends of today's players.

For the traditionalists, we maintain the most stringent quality control possible by selecting each cane at source in Jakarta. 

No person on Earth has devoted more time, effort and finance on the development of the composite mallet. Our Fibercane mallet is the most popular composite polo mallet in the world and the way of the future. They offer huge advantages over other mallets and continue to increase in popularity each year.

Mallets can usually be custom made  and delivered anywhere in the world within a few days.

Please email me with any questions, feedback or suggestions. I hope you enjoy our site.

George Wood
Wood Mallets Ltd.