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Polo Mallet Heads

Each $33.00 (NZD)

Tipa Heads

Argentine Tipa (Tipuana blanca) is undoubtedly the world’s most popular timber for polo mallet heads.  The best Tipuana Blanca is grown in one particular province of Argentina, with only a few saw millers able to supply any quantity. Almost anyone who’s purchased heads from Argentina before will have experienced a high rate of overweight and reject heads. Unfortunately the cost of Tipa from Argentina has recently more than doubled due to supply and demand. Available in weights of 190 grams and up.  We're working hard to source and alternative, more economical supply, in the meantime for lightweight heads, our laminated bamboo/poplar heads are well tested and a practical substitute. 

The Cigar Head

The most popular head is the cigar pattern, used by well over 90% of the world’s players. The 16 mm holes are drilled at a 12.5 degree angle at a right angle to the growth rings of the timber for increased impact strength. Each head is stamped with the head weight in grams and has our distinctive crest imprinted in gold.

Cigar head specifications:

  • Weight range 190-230 grams
  • Length 9 1/8” – 230mm
  • Centre diameter 44 - 45 mm
  • Ends  38-29 mm
  • Hole size 16mm
  • Pre-threaded heads with holes also available for Fibercane mallets
  • Hole angle 12.5 degrees

Larger diameter heads can be made but in weights upwards of 200 grams. The underside of the head may be flattened if required. Pictured below:

Skene Heads

Used by the legendary 10 goal player Bob Skene, these heads have both the heel and toe cut away with the underside flattened. They are good for lofting the ball but not ideal on hard or rough grounds. Available in virtually any weights.

R.N.P.A. Heads

Patented many years ago by the Royal Naval Polo Association these oval heads have lost favour in today’s game and are rarely requested. They are available in weights of 195 grams and upwards.

Laminated Heads

Solid tipa heads are rarely available in weights under 185 grams but there's always a demand for lightweight heads that last.   The strength of a head is very closely matched to the density and therefore weight of the timber. This explains why big hitters often break lightweight heads. We don’t believe light heads need to be skinny and it is important to maintain the diameter and strength. We therefore laminate bamboo on the hitting surfaces of a lightweight tough timber to produce a reasonable diameter but lightweight head from 160 -180 grams. They’re spray painted white with a two pack system and have proven themselves worldwide over several years to out perform solid heads of similar weights.  

Arena and Snow Polo Heads

Quite obviously with a much larger inflatable ball, Arena mallets require a much larger but lighter head. Note that the regulation balls for UK and Europe are slightly lighter and larger than for the US.  


By using different lightweight timbers we're able to make a range of larger sized heads in virtually any weight from 150 grams up to about 195 grams. The most popular arena and snow polo head weights are between 170 and 185 grams. The flat bottomed Skene pattern is usually preferable and is fitted by default. The only draw back is that because they are made from a much less dense timber they are not suitable for use with an outdoor ball. Arena heads are available in three sizes, small diameter - 52mm, mid-sized - 55mm  and extra large 62mm. The mid-sized Skene pattern heads have poplar laminated to the hitting surfaces and have become the most popular arena mallet head in England. If ordering Arena mallets, please make sure that you specify Arena heads.


When ordering, please state whether for Cane or Composite (Fibercane), head weight, pattern (if other than cigar) and initials if required.


NZ$33.00 plus shipping.