Arena Polo Mallet Head


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As arena polo gains popularity, players around the world are realizing that traditional mallets just aren’t satisfactory. Arena mallets need to be lighter and stiffer and quite obviously with a much larger inflatable ball, they require a much larger diameter head. Note that the regulation balls for UK and Europe are slightly lighter and larger than for the US.

By using different lightweight timbers we’re able to make a range of larger sized heads in virtually any weight from 150 grams up to about 195 grams. The most popular arena and snow polo head weights are between 170 and 185 grams. The flat bottomed Skene pattern is usually preferable and is fitted by default. The only draw back is that because they are made from a much less dense timber they are not suitable for use with an outdoor ball. Arena heads are available in two patterns, the Cigar pattern – 52 mm, and the Skene pattern which is 52 mm high but 57 mm wide. The Skene pattern heads are the popular arena heads in England.

A complete guide to fitting heads to composite shafts can be found at: How to fit heads

Additional information

Weight .190 kg
Dimensions 23 × 6 × 6 cm
Head Weight

160gm, 165gm, 170gm, 175gm, 180gm, 185gm, 190gm, 195gm

Pattern Type

Skene, Cigar

Hole size

12 mm threaded hole for Fibercane, 15 mm hole for cane