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Evolution Mallet

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These mallets have evolved from several years sourcing the best possible materials and trialling different concepts and configurations. Only relatively recently have the rules of croquet allowed the use of metal end plates which enables mallets to be considerably more efficient.


8mm thick milled stainless steel end plates are used to provide peripheral weighting to an attractive hardwood head measuring 55mm wide by 60mm high. The standard head length is 10 in length but custom lengths are made to order. Until recently the end plates have been held in place by a rigid epoxy but a ringing tone was produced upon impact. This coupled with a small percentage of glue failures has led us to using a slightly flexible bond which is extremely strong and produces a more satisfying "clunk" when struck.Horizontal milled lines on the hitting surface allow the player to impart spin on the ball when required.

We only use imported hardwoods which are certified as being sourced from sustainably managed forests. The timber is air dried in block form for over a year. The inlaid sighting line is made from sycamore.

These are superbly balanced mallets that provide the player with more power and yet maintain better control. By increasing the length of the head, and re-distributing some of the mass to the striking faces, the moment of inertia is increased. This makes the head more stable during the swing, particularly for making accurate rushes, long roquets, and hitting-in. Also the mallet is less likely to twist when shots are hit off-center. For a detailed explanation of the physics relating to the moment of inertia visit:


To personalize the mallet, short names or initials may be stamped on the blank side of the mallet head in gold at no extra charge. Please note that we can only print in capitals at 36 pts as shown above. 10 letters is the maximum.     

If you prefer to have a name or letters printed in gold on a 12 or 18 mm black label, please just mention it when ordering. The advantage of a label is that it's removable if circumstances change. 


2 types of EVA white_2

The virtually indestructible 17 mm diameter carbon and fibre glass shaft is foam filled to minimize vibrations. They're made to a reasonably stiff flex unless otherwise requested.

EVA is a closed cell foam grip material being waterproof, comfortable and light. The EVA is specifically made in a 35mm tubular form of relatively firm hardness and is then shaped by hand. The standard  is a traditional octagonal shape measuring 31mm x 27mm but this can be customized to suit the player.  An increasingly popular shape is the 35mm round handle with flat sides as pictured on the right. 

All mallets are supplied with a medium stiff shaft unless otherwise requested. A slightly flexible shaft is available upon request for players wanting a more lively handle. The handle/shaft weighs an average of just 8 1/2 ounces. Unless specifically requested, the EVA comes to within 50mm of the head, however, we can adjust this length as required. Handles can be supplied in any lengths up to 42". 


NZ$379.50 plus shipping.

Optional Extras

Removable heads: Handles are available with aluminium fittings so that heads may be removed for travelling or switched for different specifications. Add NZ$70.00. This can be useful option if the player wishes to switch heads or handles with other manufacturers components but the additional weight of the aluminium fittings is rather counter productive to the peripheral weighting.






Download our croquet mallet brochure here.