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Croquet Accessories & Equipment

Croquet Balls

Set of 4 $143.75(NZD)

Our budget priced croquet balls are made from moulded plastic and have a lightly milled surface. They weigh 1 pound and measure 3 5/8" in diameter. They have a lively rebound and are not suitable for regulation club games, but are an ideal option for all home garden croquet sets and are supplied in our Garden  and Hurlingham and Association sets.

Available in primary colours (blue, red, black, and yellow) and also green and white. If you want to buy them individually, just email me. 

PRO-16 Balls

Wood Mallets have the exclusive agency for the Sunshiny balls in Australasia. The Pro-16 balls pictured above are perfect practice balls for club players but are not approved for Championship play. They have two directions of perpendicular milling. Weight 1 pound, Diameter 3 5/8". The rebound is not as high as championship balls but still a beautifully made, consistent, robust ball at a very competitive price.

Only available individually although we currently have no red balls left. Coming soon.... our long awaited Championship balls as pictured below, currently undergoing trials.


Hoops (Wickets)

Each $20(NZD)

The uprights of these hoops are made from " tubular steel, which is welded to a 5/8" top bar. They're powder coated for a smooth and hard wearing finish that won't rust. They measure  3  7/8" between the uprights and are 17 " overall. A box of 6 hoops weight just under 3 kilos.

Championship approved hoops.

Set of 6 $395(NZD)

Singles also available. $69.00(NZD) each.
To order email George.

These hoops have been accorded Championship and Standard approval by the UK Croquet Associations equipment tester Dr Alan Pidcock. Made from solid 3/4" and 5/8" steel with turned metal carrots they're manufactured to a tolerance of + /- 1/32th of an inch. Made with a gap between the uprights of 3 11/16ths. Suitable for International matches. Powder coated white and packed in strong nylon carry bag with individual pockets for each hoop. Extremely competitively priced. Many other similar hoops are twice this price. They're much stronger than cast iron hoops.   


Set of 4 $22(NZD)

Available in all 8 colours these shaped metal spring clips are powder coated.

Primary Colors: Blue, Red, Black, Yellow.
Secondary Colors: White, Green, Pink & Brown

Center Pegs

Each $25.30(NZD)


Turned from hardwood and painted with impact resistant white paint they measure 21 1/2 overall and the regulation 1 1/2 in diameter.

Pegs come in four, six and eight colour configurations. Please stipulate when ordering. They also have a turned removable pin for the clips so that the peg may be easily knocked into the court with out causing damage.

Mallet Covers

Each $55.20(NZD)

Made from padded Polyester with adjustable shoulder straps and an external pocket these covers are an ideal accompaniment to your croquet mallet. 



The standard size is designed to fit croquet mallets with 9" - 10" heads, up to 36 long. We also have a slightly larger pattern designed for heads from 10"-12" long for mallets  up to 36" long. Please state when ordering if you want the larger pattern and what colour, otherwise the standard size blue will be supplied.  We do have a limited number of mallet bags suitable for mallets up to 38" long.

The old pattern mallet covers are priced at NZ$25.00 each to clear. These are only suitable for heads under 10" long.


Old pattern covers $25(NZD)

Rule Books

Book (Hard copy) $15.00(NZD) Including postage 

Price includes postage.

These 27 page A6 size color booklets have been produced by Wood Mallets to cater for the serious home Garden croquet player.

It gives an excellent overview of the rules of Association Croquet and a synopsis of three and six player croquet, Golf croquet , American six wicket croquet and Nine wicket croquet. It also offers tips and tactics with several colored illustrations. This is supplied with all our sets.

Corner Flags

Set of 4 $34.50(NZD)

The best corner flags available. The 5/16th powder coated metal stakes are 21" overall and have replaceable all weather material flags.